25 agosto 2004

Bio [eng]

Marco Rizzo graduated in Mass Media Communication at University of Palermo - with a degree thesis about Graphic Journalism - and in a Master degree in Journalism. He wrote for several magazines and newspapers in Italy. He founded www.comicus.it, the most important italian website about comics, and the experimental comic magazine Mono (Tunué Ed.) with Sergio Algozzino.

He translated comics written by some of the most important English and American writers, such as Stan Lee (Silver Surfer), Warren Ellis (Astonishing X-Men, Black Summer), Brian Azzarello (Filthy Rich), Geoff Johns (Green Lantern), Mike Mignola (Hellboy) and Robert Kirkman (Invincible).

He has written comics for many italian publisher, fictional and non-fictional.

Beccogiallo Editore published his main works, graphic journalism comic books Ilaria Alpi, il prezzo della verità (2007, penciled by Francesco Ripoli), Peppino Impastato, un giullare contro la mafia (2009, penciled by Lelio Bonaccorso) and Mauro Rostagno, prove tecniche per un mondo migliore (2010, co-written by Nico Blunda, penciled by Giuseppe Lo Bocchiaro). Those books received important awards both in comicdom and journalism and Peppino Impastato was published in Holland and Belgium by Sylvester.

In 2011 he writes an adaptation in form of graphic novel of the french best-seller "Vie et mort de Marco Pantani", Gli ultimi giorni di Marco Pantani (Rizzoli-Lizard, penciled by Lelio) and the superhero grotesque adventure set during fascism Primo (penciled by Lelio, too).

Now he works as a translator for Italian publisher Edizioni BD and as editor and translator Paninicomics.

E-mail me: marco.rizzo @ gmail.com